Monday, 28 April 2014


My students and I are excited to present #mathphotoaday. Credit must be given to Tara McLauchlan (@msmlauchlan) for coming up with this idea.We just gave it an elementary spin and came up with our own terms to take photos of. The steps to do this are quite simple:

1.Have your students find or create the daily math photo prompt. See the calendar below for the photos of the day.

2. Share the photo with #mathphotoaday on Instagram and/or Twitter.

3. Check out the other photos on Instagram or Twitter using #mathphotoaday. Feel free to comment on other photos.

4. Have fun!

There are no rules. The key is have fun and be flexible. If you can't do a day there's no need to worry, just do what you can. You can skip the weekend photos or do them on Friday or Monday. All that matters is that your students have fun and connect with other classes.

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